FATVillage Mission

FATVillage is an arts district whose purpose is to promote the creation, exhibition, curation, research, and education of

emerging, contemporary artists. We strive to generate an art community that is inclusive through having many different

programs as well as reinforces cross disciplinary collaboration and experimentation.


Economic Impact


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It is so important that the place you live is the place to want to live. Our community is hungry for more culture.

By expanding our impact, you can help nurture this cultural interest into cultural passion.



Your Support Makes the Arts in Our Community Stronger!

In FATVillage, we create and exhibit challenging work that is outside the realm of commercial galleries. We believe this allows for a critical dialogue between artists, curators and the public. We provide opportunities for artists who are working with experimental, immersive, and non-traditional media to create and install new works on site. We provide opportunities for independent curators to express their visions of larger issues surrounding contemporary art practices. We also aid the public through increasing South Florida’s reputation in contemporary art. 

We believe that what is good for the arts is good for the economy. Your tax-deductible gift is an investment in our community’s future. Contributions may be directed to a specific facet of our operations or designated to the greatest need. Gifts may also be made in honor of special occasions or in memory of a loved one. 
Our dream for the future is for Fort Lauderdale to become synonymous with cutting edge contemporary art, and we see the role of FATVillage being a vanguard space that pushes artists, frees curators and inspires the public. 


Make a Difference Today

When we work with artists they often create their largest and most involved work to date which helps them to further their

success. Your support means doing even more. It means expanded programming, more ambitious exhibitions, better

community engagement, performances, and workshops.


Corporate Sponsorships

'FATVillage Arts District Inc' is a 501c3 non-profit arts organization.

FATVillage was created by Flagler Warehouses to rally philanthropic support in order to advance and sustain the arts north

of Broward Blvd. downtown Fort Lauderdale community and is supported by private donations, corporate sponsors and

grant awarding organizations.

A big thanks to all of our past sponsors: